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Saturday, March 26th, 2011 06:17 pm

So I was laying in bed last night, a snoring mastiff at my feet, when I finally finally was hit with the ending to the fic which has been eating my brain. (Unfortunately it'll increase my word count like whoa although that is neither here nor there.)  I started writing it out and realized, once again, I was basing the premise somewhere in Northern California.

This probably is to be expected: I've lived in NorCal all my life and am not really all that well-traveled. By using somewhere I myself am familiar with I can avoid embarrassing mistakes, like saying that Boston is a two hour drive from Long Island, or accidentally using 'miles' instead of 'kilometers' when my characters are dodging bullets in the Swiss Alps.

Certainly there are actual authors who do this --  Stephen King would have me believe that everything important and/or scary happens somewhere in Maine -- and if it's in the canon, hey, why not? 


... There's something lazy about it, isn't there? It's always seemed to me a little smug, as if the writer is saying, "This is my home: let me show it to you." Like being cornered and forcefully shown boring vacation photos from extended family, and yes, they had a good time but you personally couldn't care less.

It still doesn't stop me from doing it, occasionally. Not like I have much of an opportunity -- there's not much use for any geographical location to pop up in ATLA or Naruto. But I will sometimes throw in a local bird or describe a swimming hole based on a place I've been: tiny inside jokes probably only I will get upon re-reading.

So my question to everyone is... how much of this do you do in your writing? Do you prefer to set your characters in a place which suspiciously resembles your home town? Do you avoid it like the plague? Do you see it as lazy writing or relatively harmless? 

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Monday, August 23rd, 2010 03:25 pm
1) Write original novel.
2) Send original novel to as many agents as I can google.
3) Receive countless rejection letters because, knowing me, my novel will be chock full 'o gay porn.
4) Self-publish original novel.
5) Create an iPhone/Droid app in which to give away the original novel.
6) Create a free website (perhaps on fourtunecity.com) to advertise my novel, complete with author "bio".
7) Call myself a published writer. Put it on business cards.
8) PROFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, February 18th, 2010 10:20 am
I am officially irritated by the fact that I have not been able to write a thing in the past four days. Escpecally due to the fact that the Haiti fic I'm still working on (I know, I know) is JUST getting to a really good part. Another Brother has gotten to a part that I've wanted to get to for the past, uh, year, and In His Shoes is SO CLOSE to being done, but... nothing's coming. I've tried everything that usually works -- writing in some of my growing collection of notebooks, going for long pointless drives on my scooter, taking the dog for a walk, listening to audiobooks. I'm just uninspired.

I'm able to do B.S resume's just fine, so I have something to do with my sudden extraordinary free time. lol.

I've heard nothing from the unemployment office, although it's only been a week since I was fired. (Seems a lot longer when you're waiting, though.) I've heard it takes up to five weeks in my state to start receiving payouts, and that's only IF I'm approved. We'll see. Then I gotta somehow figure out how to get myself approved for going to school at the same time. 

I looked into my transcript from the year or so I went to college (which might be a little bit of an exaggeration, because I hardly ever went, if you know what I mean ) and I have about 36 credits  Out of those, some were for some classes that probably won't be transferable and/or useful, like guitar, weight training in the gym, and this really weird drum-circle class I took. As you can imagine, my GPA blows.

What can I say? I was 17, sick and tired of classrooms, teachers and homework. My parents were divorcing and I was out on my own for the very first time and working two part-time jobs. School felt like a waste of my time and energy and I treated it as such.

But I figure, maybe if I go back and treat it like a full-time job I can get the 30 or so odd credits in a year and get an A.S. Maybe. I know I have a lot more discipline now then I did before. Although I'm not sure how much difference an A.S. would make over a high school diploma in the long run, to be honest. I know it can't hurt, but... yeah.

OR I could just go to http://www.degrees-for-sale.com/ and do the same thing for a lot cheaper. Haha! (Kidding, kidding.)

Now that I've written this out, it makes me realize that I have a lot more stuff running through my head than I realized. Perhaps that's the reason I can't write recently.

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Saturday, December 12th, 2009 04:45 pm
So the xmas tree is finally cut down and hauled home. While it's drip-drying in the garage I thought I would tackle some fanfiction. Unfortunately, I've come to a part where I need to get the characters to a certain head-space... but the idea I got from Ellie won't work (I think) and now I'm at a loss.

Anyone care to brainstorm with me?

Cut for spoilers for the next two chapters or so of Another Brother. If anyone cares. Lol. )

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Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 07:38 pm
I just got back from Legally Blonde The Musical. It was a wonderful production and we got great seats! We got the 2nd tear (which is the highest up) but Opera Box seats in the front row! Kick ass! God, all the songs just got stuck in my head. I'm going to be singing Oh My God You Guys for the next few days, I know it. :)

My dog has fallen in love with a white teddy-bear. It's ridiculous to see a 140lbs mastiff carrying around a stuffed toy. (She's even tried barking with it in her mouth -- she's not the brightest bulb around, but I love her.)

In other news I'm having problems coming up with an Avatar-type phrase. Can anyone think of anything better then: “You have the delicate hands of a platypus-bear.”

The scene is someone *cough* is being clumsy in his firebending training, and a certain teacher is less than impressed.

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Friday, October 2nd, 2009 04:50 pm

I'm doing some editing in critique circle and I'm coming across a lot of sentences that start with an action, like this:

Stumbling over the bodies, she tripped and fell.

Looking back over her shoulder, Melissa ran faster.

Gasping for breath, Yolanda looked around.

Hitting her head on the desk, Avocado Love wondered why so many people start their sentences this way.

So, fellow writers and people who are smarter than me. What the heck is this called? I want to put a name to it so I can tell people never, EVER to do it. It's quickly becoming a pet peeve. ;D Thanks!

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Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 10:59 am
I'm a big fan of stupid little emoticons (much to the displeasure of anyone corresponding with me on email), but these things :D, :(, :) DO NOT NEED TO BE PUT IN THE TITLE OF YOUR FANFICTION.

Thank you.
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Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 10:46 am
I really love writing Jeong Jeong. He's just so full of mystical knowledge that only makes sense to him. Seriously, he's been cut off from society for faaaar too long. He reminds me of some of the guys I knew back at my home town. There were a few that lived up in the mountains and would come down every once in awhile for supplies or for a movie or whatever, but they turned really odd up there all by themselves. They'd sort of ramble on a touch too fast and mention things that are sort of inside jokes to themselves because, hey, they've only had themselves for company. Also there's a sort of arrogance about them; they're number one in their mind and the rest of society can sort of go to hell. I'm not writing Jeong Jeong like that, but it's what he's reminding me of.

Also, he makes for a pretty shitty teacher. Could you imagine trying to learn piano from a guy who only has wanted to be a guitarist all of his life?  Poor Aang, poor Zuko.
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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 11:09 am
Stolen from [personal profile] ali_wildgoose 

I'm feeling oddly blocked for fresh ideas, so maybe a meme will help me out!

1. Pick one of my icons and post it in a comment.

2. I will write you at least one sentence of something vaguely resembling fiction based on said icon.

3. If the icon in question does not contain fictional characters, I reserve the right to Make Some Shit Up.
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Monday, April 6th, 2009 08:11 pm
Nothing much going on in the past few days. I went on a crazy shopping spree and blew a lot of money on clothing, which was needed. My wardrobe was looking really ratty. I was feeling like those kids in school -- you know the ones, that wear the same thing over and over and over -- so drastic action had to be taken. I went with my sister to Victoria's Secret. I never went there before, and got sized... turns out I'm a cup size bigger than I thought I was. I'm waaaay past puberty but it seems like every five years or so I grow another size. I would brag, but now I'm a little afraid if I ever have children I'll look like Beth Chapman from Dog The Bounty Hunter. You know, like size F.

The next day me and one of my friend's went to Ikea for some much needed dicking around and shopping. She's a photo-major so of course she had to take the camera and of course she had to stop every few minutes and snap a picture. *grin*

On the writing front, things have been fairly sparatic. To be honest, this shift at work is killing me. I'm dead tired when I get home and it's hard to get up the will to write. Another shift change is coming in a few months, and I might go back to late nights. That way I can do chores, shopping, writing and crap done in the morning and then go to work. (Good for scheduling job interviews, too.)

I just need to finish one last part in Another Brother -- I was bad. I have like a quarter of the next chapter after that already written, so now I want to focus on that instead of finishing the last bit of the current chapter. :D

A shitload of people have reviewed on Rampage, the Stargate/Avatar crossover. Most of them are asking me to continue, and I've gotten two or three PM's on it with some very good ideas. I dunno, though. It's not that I don't have ideas for it -- I do, but I'm really not sure I want to tackle the whole Science VS Avatar Magic theme, which would have to be tackled. Frankly, I don't like science losing out, which it would have to do. And I don't want Avatar magic to be explained logically away. Sigh. Whatever. I'll figure it out or I won't.

Speaking of job interviews (which I was a few paragraphs ago) I had one today. It was lame. I aced it, of course, because if there's one thing this job has taught me it's to fucking nail interviews. Nothing is scarier or more demanding than an interview at my company. The one just to get my job took an hour and a half. I'm not even exaggerating. People have come out of those interview rooms crying. (Okay, just one guy I knew about, and hey, he got the job, so it's okay right?).

Anyway, this job I interviewed for today is another call center job. I don't even know why I applied for it. I would rather put a bullet in my brain than work in another call center. Worse, it's for customer care for a garbage collection agency. So basically I would be fielding complaints about people's trash not being picked up on time. Sounds like a blast. So I have another interview and if I pass that then they'll offer me the job. I plan on waiting to see how much money they'll offer me, and then 98% sure I'll decline (although the bullet option is on the table too. *grin*). This economy stinks -- I would rather keep my brainless job and let someone else have that other one.

Last night I had a Margaretta and then woke up in the middle of the night hiccuping. Classy.

... And that's all I have.
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Friday, April 3rd, 2009 06:23 pm
I've been listening to His Majesty's Dragon on audiobook, and now everything I write has this crazy english lilt to it in my head.

... If I use the word "wholly" one more time I may have to step away from the computer for a bit.

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Sunday, March 29th, 2009 06:40 pm
I've seen a couple people on my flist list their thoughts on Avatar and shipping today, and I thought I would join the party. *Baaaah goes the sheep*. Considering my shipping preferences are quite convoluted, this should be fun. ;D

Sokka -- Lot's of people have Zuko listed as their fandom bicycle, Sokka is mine. I could pair him up with almost anyone and be happy. I think Toph/Sokka could work well in theory, although I haven't really seen any good fanfic about it. (Recs, flist?). Of course I'm a hard-core Sokka/Zuko fan with Discoverys, The One Where The Fire Nation Clearly Loses and anything by Scuttlebutt Inc as my favorites. These two just go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Something about their personalities just works. I could totally get behind Sokka/Mai (goofy and gloomy also attract) or Sokka/Azula (yum). Hell, I could even go for some Sokka/Aang... although I haven't seen any, and I could imagine it would really be only a result of a drunken night and/or a dare. But... I just can't go for Sokka/Suki. I tried. Oh man, how I tried. Maybe I just don't like how goofy and early season 1 Sokka became when they hooked up. Maybe I don't like how it seemed like the writers smooshed the two non-benders together, or maybe I think Sokka still harbors a great love for Yue and Suki is the rebound chick. Whatever. There's plenty of other pairings I like to make up for it.

Zuko - My OTHER fandom bicycle. But while Sokka is more of the mountain bike (all terrain and good just about everywhere) Zuko's a sporty racing bike: he fits in most situations, but not everywhere. Firstly, of course, there's Zutara. It's a popular pairing (See the plethora of fanfictions including my personal favorites: Guide Me Home and What I Don't Like About You), and one I enjoy when both Zuko and Katara are in character. As a pairing, I could see the two of them challenging each other and coming out the better for it. Katara would never let Zuko slip. She would force him to continue to be the best human being he can be, and Zuko could provide an equal partner and someone who could reign her in when she becomes over enthusiastic. I also enjoy the thought of Zuko/Suki (Why is there no fan fiction? Sob.) because they are both warriors at heart, and their first meeting would be a good story for the kids y/y?. Toko has to be my other het favorite (Check out Just The Girl and The Mark of True Love). Like Zutara, I could see them challenging each other and coming out the better for it. Plus, they have a lot in common -- both high borns with parent issues, and warriors who like to fight. But my favorite has to be the slashing pairings: Sokka/Zuko (as said above) and Jetko. What a dark, maddening, intriguing pairing that could be. Check out Crossing and it's AU Float for some of the best I've read. Unfortunately I can't really get behind Zuko/Aang... I can see where people are going with the total Foe-Yay between the two, but I don't catch the tension. Or maybe Aang's just young. And I hate to say it, but although I tried even harder to like it than Sokka/Suki... I'm not a big fan of Maiko. I spent most of season 3 distrusting Mai's intentions. It didn't feel real to me. Plus, while she loves Zuko she wouldn't have the Fire Nation's new path to peace as a driving force. I wouldn't want her to be Fire Lady.

- Oh Katara, you are so lovly and that gets you in so much trouble.... :D As said before, I like Zutara. But I'm just as big of a fan of Kataang. There's something cute, something wholesome, and something just right with that pairing. With those two working together, I feel they could take on the world and heal it. Unfortunately, I haven't really come across any good fan fiction with this pairing ( with a subplot of Comedy of Errors being the only exception. Recs please?) But here's some art! I wasn't unhappy that they got together in the end. Not at all. I guess that's it for her... Zutara and Kataang. She's almost a one-trick pony. :D

- Yeah I know she's 12, but when I pair her I age her up a bit. So there. :P As said before: Toko and Tokka are my top picks... I can't really see her with The Duke, although that might be his age. I could see her with Aang in the right situation, with the right plot. I have even seen her with Iroh... although I think they're better off as friends. I could also see her with Suki, you know, when she and Sokka break up. :D

Aang - He's a tricky one. I like him with Katara (of course), and can see him with Toph... but more than anything else, I can also see him alone. He is The Last Airbender, after all. Poor Aang. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride... Actually, I could totally see him with Ty Lee. It would be adorable and he could totally bring out the airbender in her that we all know is there. ;) Or, in a cracky situation, he could totally have an affair with Mai. C'mon, you know you would want to see it.

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Friday, March 27th, 2009 06:51 pm
Nothing important to report today other than it's my Sunday and I have now completely filled my writing notebook. It took me a year and I took a moment to flip through the pages. It's really chronicled my time in Avatar fandom, starting with In His Shoes and ending with Another Brother and all the other stuff I've written in between.

Look! A notebook! )

Just in case anyone wants to see my crappy handwriting.  )

Also, there's crap like this. )

Damn, now I have to take another trip to Ikea and get another one for 1.50

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Monday, March 23rd, 2009 08:56 pm
I just read this article:


And it about made my head explode with "Whhaaa?!" I mean, I know that K.A. Applegate used ghost writers for the later half of her Animorph series. She credited the writers with 'assisting with the outline'. Right. That was when the series declined. I also knew that celebs do it for their biographies, but I had no idea that apparently well respected authors hired ghost writers on the sly. Just... wow. It makes me wonder how much I've read that I've really enjoyed was actually written by who I thought it was.

I betcha the Redwall series is partially ghost written. It all seems a little too canned.

Also, Anne Mccaffrey's style changed drastically through her series (ignoring the ones she "wrote" with her son. I mean, compare the use of language in 'Dragonflight' with 'All The Weyrs of Pern' and tell me they were they same person. Hrumph.

OHHHH! I BET MERCEDES LACKEY HIRES GHOSTWRITERS!!!!!!!!!! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! No one can published four books a year (one a quarter) year after year. She is either a machine, ghost writing, or a whole lot better than I think she is. (Probably the last choice.)

I wonder if King has ghostwriters?

Also, I want this job. :P
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Friday, March 13th, 2009 03:06 pm
I meant to finish the next part of Another Brother today and send it off to Kim for betaing, but this chapter is a fucking mess. I am so frustrated with my own writing right now I could scream.

In other news, I've been taking daily walks with my dog over the last week because it's come to my attention that I am getting out of breath walking up and down the stairs at work. Not cool. So anyway I was walking along the streets and this chocolate brown lab comes roaring up out of an open garage charging and barking.

My dog, my freakin' 150 lbs mastiff, HIDES BEHIND ME.

So I picked up a stick to defend myself with and stood up straight and yelled at the dog to go away. It paused and gave me a look like WTF while my dog was nearly laying down and shaking. I think Petra's total submission really confused the lab. Then the owner came out and dragged the dog away. What the hell, man? If your dog is that out of control and protective of its yard why would you leave your door open like that?

It ended well and of course I didn't want my dog to get in a fight -- I have a gentle leader on her which gives me control of her head, but I don't think I could have held her back if she went after the lab. Just kinda scary to learn that if I ran across an animal while on a hike, I'm on my own. Petra can run faster. ;D

Actually, a walk doesn't sound too bad right now. Maybe it'll clear my head for a bit.
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Thursday, March 5th, 2009 10:06 am
I've been reading a decent fan fiction (Rough Seas, if anyone is interested in a pirate-themed Zutara) and in one of the author notes, dutchesscourtney mentioned that she is a published writer. I followed the link back to her book-site, checked the publisher and saw that she used iuniverse, a self publishing company.

In her website, the author has a bio-article talking about how she "broke into the publishing world" at 26. Yet this was self published.

I've never really considered self publishing. Mostly 1) because I thought it was looked down on. And 2) I never really had anything worth publishing, anyway.

But I'm seeing authors going out and self publishing more and more, and becoming self promoters instead of relying on agents. I can see how this can be a smart move for trying to get your work out there in a famously tight market. I can appreciate the need to see your own name in print.

But at the same time, can it backfire? Maybe I'm being snobbish, but it sort of feels like cheating to me. Once you self-publish is there any hope of being picked up by a publishing house? I can't think of one book (other than Eragon, maybe, but that was a bizarre circumstance) who successfully went from self-publishing to mass-market.

I guess my questions are these: Is self-publishing becoming more acceptable? Will a writer become blacklisted once a self-publish is done? Has anyone read a good self-published book, or published one themselves?

Advice? Opinions? Helpful websites you know about?

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Friday, February 27th, 2009 08:58 am
Wow! Some very cool person nominated one of my stories for a fandom award!

I also have a spiffy banner!


This was, like, the only long fanfiction I finished in 2008. Hmm... Maybe I should write more Harry/Draco. Anyway, just in case you're reading this... thank you very much, whoever nominated me!

Check out the awards here. Until the voting starts on March 1st all the nominees can be found in the 2008 archives. There's even an Avatar section -- damn, I wish I knew about this thing before or I would have nominated some people. Nevertheless, some of my favorite stories are already on there like Stormbenders and Over My Dignity. Check it out!

And just because I'm feeling full of myself right now, here's a link to Fool (or) The Many Good Deeds of Draco Malfoy.

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Thursday, February 12th, 2009 06:06 pm
Just because I haven't updated in a few days and nothing particularly interesting is going on in RL, let me update my writing:

Another Brother: 80% done with chapter -- probably going to send it off to my lovely and talented beta soonish. For some reason, Zuko has decided to channel canon!Iroh in my last edit which may or may not have to be cut out.
In His Shoes: Eh... 30% done. This chapter is going backwards. I have the ending written out (and I think it's going to cause me to be hit with some heavy blunt objects by all sorts of people) but the start of it is giving me problems. (Hey, it's hard writing Zuko in Sokka's body paling around the earth kingdom pretending to be Toph's brother.) Not to mention Sokka's normal hijinks...
Order of the Lotus competition: Got the plot worked out and the first scene finished. I'm pleasently excited about this one. I just hope it doesn't take over my brain too much, you know? 

Seriously, nothing of interest to report..... OHHHHHH except that I got a new Blackberry!!!!!! I haven't decided if this makes me less or more productive at work. hehe. I have thirty days to find out before I can't send it back.
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Friday, January 30th, 2009 06:15 pm
Just for the hell of it, in the spirit of fairness and whatnot, and because YES I am truly that bored...

Official 'Injury/Something Dire Happens In My Fanfiction' Scorecard!

(For sanity's sake I'm not including emotional trauma. That would need a whole new scorecard.)

Another Brother:

Zuko: Face burned and neck slashed, rides penguin off of a cliff, falls through thin ice, gets captured by Prince Iroh, gets tied up by Kyoshi Warriors, beaten and humiliated by Toph, threatened with execution by Zhao. Score: 7

Sokka: Falls through thin ice, gets tied up by Kyoshi Warriors, gets knocked silly by Prince Iroh and has resulting concussion that lasts two chapters (two points for two chapters), gets kidnapped by Spirit Monster, falls off of Appa from great height during ship-battle, gets tied up by Zhao's men. Score 7

Katara: Tied up by Kyoshi Warriors, falls off cliff side and is rescued by Appa, is tied up by Zhao's men. Score: 3

Aang: Is captured by Prince Iroh, tied up by Kyoshi Warriors and threatened with execution by Unagi (two points) Score: 3

Huh. Well CLEARLY something awful has to happen to Katara and Aang in order to retify this. XD I'm also pretty surprised that Sokka's taken as many 'hits' as Zuko. I'm planning hard Zuzu whumping in a few chapters for a few chapters consecitivly, though, so I might have to plan something for the other characters to even things up a little.

In His Shoes:

Sokka: Killed by Zuko, deals with broken arm for MOST of the fic, fight with Dai Li, mental breakdown, arrested by Dai Li, got dumped by Jin, accidentally firebends in his sleep and sets his own bed on fire, duels Mai (loses), duels Azula (loses), thrown in prison with Katara, led to believe he caused Aang's death, forces himself to give a letter to Hakoda for 'his son'. Score: 12

Zuko: Gets arm broken by Sokka, is killed by Sokka, arrested by Long Feng, subjected to attempted brainwashing by Dai Li, is led to believe that Iroh moved on without 'him', gets in fight with Azula (loses), mental breakdown, facing slow starvation in forest. Score: 9

Wheee... Actually, that's not as uneven as I thought it was going to be. I included more emotional trauma points in this one because the whole fic is like a giant mindfuck for these two characters. God, I gotta update that soon.

Hey! Why don't you do it? It's kinda a cool way to look at your fic.