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September 2nd, 2010

avocado_love: (Default)
Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 11:03 am
Now that I've had my morning coffee and had some time to think things over, I'm changing the journal yet again. This really should be the last time -- I just had no idea I had that many lurkers and I know that for every person that delurks there are several others who are too uncomfortable to speak up.

So here's how my journal is going to run from here on out:

Public Posts:                                         
Fan fiction: Rated G to R (K -Teen)                                    
Fan fiction recommendation lists
Individual fic/book recs                           
Community Pimping  

Friend-Locked Posts: 
Posts containing details of my RL
Fan Fiction: Rated NC-17 (Mature)
Writing memes
Bingo Tables
Anything else

I'm pretty sure that covers everything. NC-17 rated fic was always locked (or was supposed to be) and writing memes can easily go into discussion so they remain locked. But I wanted to keep access open to most of my fic and old/upcoming recommendation lists.

About Facebook/Twitter Connect: Like everyone else I'm asking that you do not use this feature for my f-locked posts. This will result in a ban for you at the very least, and maybe a purged account for me. I don't want that. However... I realize that my unlocked fan fictions and rec lists are spread all around the internet anyway. So you may use this feature only on my public posts. (I don't know why anyone would want to link fan fiction on facebook where potential employers can view it, but... whatever.) Over the last 24 hours I've modified my profile and locked down enough info to be fairly secure that no one can look me up unless they did a crazy amount of work. (Then they'll be disappointed, I suspect. haha.)

Lurkers: My apologies to you, especially. I really like lurkers, even if they hardly stop in to say hi. I wish it didn't have to be this way, but I have to protect myself. If you added me as a friend in order to view my fan fiction, and just reading the public posts satisfies your needs, then feel free to defriend this journal. I'd love to have you stay, but I'll totally understand if you want to go. :D

Anyway, it'll take a few hours for the fic to come back up. Thanks for your patience, everyone!