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January 11th, 2010

avocado_love: (IHS)
Monday, January 11th, 2010 12:33 pm
This fandom secret (not made by me!) has totally broken through my recent demotivation.

In short, I have GOT to finish In His Shoes. It has maybe three or four chapters (at most) to go before its finished, but Another Brother sorta jumped in and took over my muse. Now it's been more than a year and I have got to buckle down and finish it, because if I don't.... well, how can anyone trust me to finish any WIP's if I never do?

So here's my awesome plan:

I work best under pressure, so I'm going to commit myself to post whatever I have of IHS on my journal once a day. It may be a scene or two, or even just paragraph or two, but I will write and I will post every day.

Here's the important part for you: I'm aware that people are very protective of their friend's list, and a fic update once a day for me along with my constant real life bullshit I feel the need to write about AND my updates of my other fic might just overwhelm some of you. And hey, maybe Avatar isn't your fandom or it's not a story that you like. I understand. So if that's the case please comment to this post and I'll create a filter from my friend's list and make sure you don't get a daily update from this fic in process. No hurt feelings on my end, no clogging up your friends list. Cool? Cool.

Because it's been so long since I updated, here's a link to the fic: up to the current chapter. It'll be updated there once I have built enough scenes on my journal to make up a chapter.

Well, I'm off to write. Hopefully my first update will be in an hour or two.

Edit: I just realized that this also means that anyone not on my friends list probably won't be able to see the entries. (At least until it goes up on I know I sometimes get lurkers so don't be shy if you want to be friended. I don't bite. Hard.