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October 17th, 2009

avocado_love: (Default)
Saturday, October 17th, 2009 06:44 pm
Stolen from [ profile] jakia and dungeonwriter

If you could erase five characters from any fandom, who would you choose?

1. Ty Lee. Seriously, what exactly did she contribute to the show? I dislike comic relief characters, and they could have easily written around Mai's Heel Face Turn without Ty Lee involved.
2. Data. Even as a kid, I always pretty much rolled my eyes all through the episodes that surrounded this character. Actually, I think "Data's Day" is the only TNG ep I never watched all the way through... and that's saying a lot, considering how hard core of a TNG geek I was when I was a kid. I'd even skip the books with him as a main character. He's just... annoying. I always felt that he had 35 years or so of contact with humanity before joining the Enterprise and so there was no excuse for him acting the way he did. He was comic relief that fell flat for me. Sorry. I thought the show would have been even (more) awesome with him written out.
3. Sasuke. Think about this... No Sasuke in team Kakashi... no ultra ridiculously powerful Uchiha clan. (Kakashi could have gotten his eye from someone else.) Instead, they put in Shikamaru. HOLY CRAP. Naruto would still have someone to challenge him, because Shika is waaaay too lazy to take anything seriously, but he's a genius (and that would just piss Naruto off, and he'd work extra hard to show him up). You have Naruto's brawn, Shikamaru's brains and... whatever the hell Sakura does. It would be epic.
4. Lana Lane. Her continued presence was pretty much the reason I stopped watching Smallville. She went beyond Mary-Sue into some sort of writer's darling. God, she sucks.
5. Vala from SG1. Now granted I only saw the later episodes sparingly, but she was uninteresting in every one of them. Why was she there again?

If you could beef up the role of five characters from any fandom, who would you choose?
  1. Ax from The Animorphs. He always seemed to have one of the most compelling stories to me. Forget Cassie and her crises on if suppressing animal instincts made them like Yeerks... Ax lived always in his brother's shadow, is stranded on a alien planet,in a war that's going badly, and he has Marco as a roommate.
  2. The Dragons from Dragonriders of Pern. Seriously, I know they were animals and didn't often add unsolicited advice, but sometimes in the later books I didn't feel their presence at all. Or the ones by Todd McCaffrey the dragonless riders pretty much got over losing their dragon in a snap. Lame.
  3. This will surprise, like, no one, but I thought Zuko should have joined the cast earlier in season 3. It was pretty obvious he was unhappy from the start and a lot of season 3 were the Gaang goofing around stealing money, saving factories and dancing in school. Also lame. He could have been in eariler and we could have seen more dork!Zuko. Plus, it might have done him some good to get to know his own country a little from a peasant's POV.
  4. More Draco Malfoy please. I don't want the Draco in Leather Pants Draco, either. I want screwed up, racist little shit Draco in book 7, trying to save his mom and dad from Voldermort and hating every minute of it because he has to be around the Mudblood, the Chosen One and the Blood Traitor. That's what I wanted.
  5. I had another answer in here, but I just changed it (haha, I can do that). Other than Shikamaru I would like to see more Iruka. I swear that guy has more going for him than just simple academy teacher. He's a hidden badass, I know it.