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May 1st, 2009

avocado_love: (God Is Angry)
Friday, May 1st, 2009 04:36 pm
Thank you to everyone who put in messages of support on my last update. I went to the funeral, and it was really a moving experience and provided a lot of closure. Today at work we also had a balloon release and we took Eugenia's family into the center and showed her where she sat and presented them with a memory box full of our letters and special moments. So that helped a lot too.

Now I have come across another problem, of course work based (as 90% of my problems seem to be). Maybe just writing this out will help me figure out what to do next.

So I'm on a written attendance warning. It stems from Thanksgiving when I took half the day off early to be with my family. I knew I was getting a warning, and accepted that mostly because at the time all warning fell off as of Dec 31st. They ended up changing the rule on the first of the year to say that all warnings carried over and writtens did for 6 mos. That screwed me over, but hey, I've had worse.

Anyway, to make a long story short I've had about 6 hours of sick time I could work with from November until the end of May. If I take more than 6 hours, I'll be put on a final warning, have to wait 9 MORE MONTHS to use any sick time at all, and be fired if I do.

I've had some scary stuff happen with my EKG and heart tests in the last few weeks, and I used up all my my six hours in order to cut out early and go to the hospital. So on Tuesday I started throwing up -- I guess it was a stomach bug. I didn't feel well and I couldn't stay at work. (Plus, you know people were giving me the ol' fish-eye for being all throw up-y at work with the Swing Flu going about.)

I negotiated with my sup and he said he would arrange it with HIS supervisor, Chris, that if I came in today and worked the hours I missed, everything would be fine. We call it flexing time. Cool.

So I did. I came in for my 8 hours... only to find that my Flex day had been denied and that the hours would have to come out of my attendance (which would leave me with a final warning, and on the doorstep to being fired).

Well fuck.

So I talked to Chris, and his stance was that I should have talked to HIM before leaving on tuesday. I guess while I was throwing up? He then asked me why I had used all my attendance time, and I told him about the heart thing. (Well, "told" being I burst into tears like a little bitch, but still...)

He told me to just get on the phone -- maybe today would count as overtime and I would be put on a final. Maybe he would write it off. Who knows? He had to look into some stuff. Do important things. Speak to important people.

He comes back a few hours later and tells me he will approve the time ONLY if I file a disability claim with the state. Called FMLA. This puts me in an awkward position for a few reasons:

1) Leaving Tuesday had nothing to do with my heart -- well okay my doctor did say that I had to leave if I felt sick until all the tests were done, but mostly it was because of my flu-like symptoms.

2) My heart problem is still mostly undiagnosed (it's probably a minor valve thing, but I'm going to the cardiologist as of June 3rd for more testing and the official word, so until then what the hell can my doctor even put down? They can't give me a diagnosis, which is what the state needs for approval.

3) Um, isn't that disability fraud? Like hell I'm going to file a FMLA claim for ONE DAY. This stuff is meant for people who are out of work for months at a time because they are on death's door or hospitalized and the state is providing protection to keep their job. Or if you have a terminally sick child and you can't work because you're taking care of them at home. It isn't for the flu. It's not to be taken lightly.

Fuck. What do I do? Chris didn't tell me to do the disability claim in writing so it's my word against his. Should I take it to HR?I need to speak to James, my supervisor, but I don't want to throw that guy under the bus as well!

I hate that place.

Update: Hmm... I still don't know what to do, but I have to say I feel better just for writing that all out. Yea, LJ!

avocado_love: (Default)
Friday, May 1st, 2009 05:46 pm
Stolen from [personal profile] dungeonwriter because she has the best meme's. ;D

Name 5 dead characters you'd like to see resurrected for the purposes of the plot

  1. Kutner from House. I'm happy for the actor and his cool new job, but I'm going to miss the character. :(
  2. Jack O'Niell from SG1. Now I know he isn't dead, but when he left the Stargate program he might as well have been. 
  3. Jet from Avatar... I would totally want him to show up at the Western Air Temple and make trouble for the GAang.
  4. Wirenth from Dragon Riders of Pern. Her death was... so sad...  so preventable.*sniff* And I didn't like the message that came along with it. (Giving into lust with someone you don't love = death, ladies!)
  5. Mufasa from The Lion King. Just for the sheer mind-fuck of it all. Haha!
Name 4 you'd like to see dead for the sake of the plot
  1. Data from Star Trek TNG. Well okay, it happened in the movie, and I rejoiced, but it should have happened earilar.
  2. Tea (Anzu) from Yu-Gi-Oh. Granted, I mostly only know she show from the abridged series, but she's less than useless. Kill her!
  3.  I'm only halfway through Naruto and just got to the part where they aged up, but I think the series would be better without Sasuke, honestly. He sucks. A lot. At least Zuko had a soild reason for his betrayal!
  4. Suki. Maybe it's the sadist in me that just wants to keep ripping Sokka's heart from his chest with dead girlfriends, but... yeah, Suki totally should have died at the end of the series. *Insert Kill Bill music*
Name 3 character couples you want to see in an ongoing series:
  1. Even what I said about Sasuke... the slasher in me could totally see a romantic/working partnership between Naruto/Sasuke. You know, when they're of legal age.
  2. I think a series about Katara/Aang traveling the world and fixing things up would be a fun to see. Well, maybe not a whole series, but at least an episode! 
  3. Tamir and Ki from the Tamir trilogy. I squeeled when they got together, and now I want to see them rule the kingdom.
Name 2 canon couples you hope break up:
  1. Mai/Zuko. I just... she would suck as Fire Lady.
  2. Nikki/Bill (Big Love...HE can do so much better)
Name the last series finale you watched
  1. Uh... Jon and Kate plus 8, I think.