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Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 12:36 pm
Confession: Fandom has been bumming me out lately. Don't get me wrong: I love you guys, but god damn, the all of the doom and gloom is starting to get to me. (Only so many incarnations of 'X is different and therefore ruined for life forever' before I start looking for a rusty spoon to scoop my eyeballs out. )

So! Let me share with you some ridiculous things that have been making me happy. And maybe you'll be inspired to share things that make YOU happy. Then I can be inspired by your happiness, and it'll be a giant circle-jerk of inspiration. :D

1) I have stumbled upon a stupid-large amount of excellent fan fiction. It turns out that if you don't stick to only one or two fandoms, there's a whole world out there of good stories. I just got done reading a Psych fan fiction (which I cannot find now. Woe) which was written as a true crime drama... of course it shipped Lassiter/Shawn, and I tried, but I could not take that pairing seriously. Every time Lassiter was shown in any way sexual I started giggling like I was twelve and it was my first sex ed class. STILL, don't let my hangups stop you. Good fic. Good fandom!

American Idol. Until this season, I had yet to sit down and watch a whole American Idol show. Somehow I got caught up in the auditions and absolutely fell head over heels for this little bastard:


Yeah. He's ten years younger than me, which officially makes me an old dirty woman. BUT THAT VOICE. Honey, I don't even like country, but if they all sang like him, I could learn to love it! And if he doesn't win, then I'll probably end up voting for the scruffy guy who looks like Seth Rogan.

3) Inception.

Speaking of me being a dirty perv, I am still so caught up in the Inception fandom right now it's not even funny.


For the first time in years I am more of a lurker than a participant, but it's nice, you know? I am doing the [ profile] i_reversebang  and my crazy crossover fic, but that may just be it. I'm happy to watch and read all of the glorious fic and only contribute some instead of doing what I normally do, which is start an epic WIP with no end in sight. haha. But anyway, the fandom's great. I can't recommend it enough. (But I'm gonna try!!!!)

4) Every book I've picked up recently has been awesome!

One of this days I'll do a giant writeup about Kim Harrison's Hollows series and tell everyone exactly why I hate it and love it in equal amounts, but the most recent book, Pale Demon, definitely tipped it into the LOVE <33333 range.  It makes me remember why I love books so much, which is easy to forget when, as I said before, there's brilliant fan fiction out there.

5) The new Harry Potter movie is coming out! I'll admit I wasn't excited at all for Part 1 for reasons I will not go into here because this is a LOVE post and not a HATE post, but I'm getting excited! I listened to Goblet of Fire on audiobook recently and... damn, I had actually forgotten how wonderful the books really were. Somehow, I had forgotten all about it in between fandom and the movies. Definitely recommend you pick up your favorite Harry Potter book and give it a reread if it's been some time.

With that, I'll leave you with this JPEG.


So! What's making you happy in fandom right now? GIFs and JPEG's are a plus.


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